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Halloween craze

When I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to join many activities such as Trick or Treat. I always wondered how cool it would be to wear Halloween costumes with awesome designs and stuff. However, it wasn’t that popular in our country. So, what I did was watch instead in television and saw how enjoying it was, well, pity me. But I’m still hoping I can experience it one day!

But let me share to you what I’ve read, and how trick or treat started! Trick or Trick or Treat!treat has been a tradition in other countries like United States of America. It all started during Middle Ages and it was said to be like the same with "souling" when poor folks went door to door during November 1 or what they call “Hallowmas” receiving food in return for prayers for the dead on All Souls Day.

So now, every Halloween children stop by houses and shout out loud “trick or treat!” the house owners choose between two. If they choose “trick” they get a prank from these youngsters and if they choose “treat” they give candies, all types of candies! Isn’t that yummy? Oh, I wish I’ve experienced that when I was younger.

Along with trick or treat, some also celebrate Halloween by having a Halloween Party. In most schools in other countries they do this annually. One gets to win for having the best costume! Of course, it too must be the scariest! Then, while the party is going on there are also great food designed to scare you. Once, I saw in a magazine a candy that looked like an eye, how freaky is that! But if it’s really good, why wouldn’t I try tasting it. Yeah, I love candies – who doesn’t, right?

Well, wherever these two started it sure is a fun way of celebrating Halloween! And if you notice, it even reminds you that Christmas is just a month away!