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Free templates!

In my other blog, one of my problems is having a decent theme every month. We all know readers get bored of seeing the same layout again and again so once in a while I try to change layout. However, this task has been very hard for me since I need to cope up with my feisty schedule at school.

So what I did was I searched for free website templates, and I’m glad I found this website, ZeroTemplates, that offers Wordpress themes for free! Their website tag says it all! “You pay zero”. Other than that they offer Joomla templates, Drupal templates or themes and more html templates. You get all those for free, how cool right?

They also share tips, and information regarding web design. I love this website for sure! I honestly learned everything I know with regards to html through reading online tutorials from websites like these. I’m happy some people make websites as such, aren’t you? So if you need free templates this is the place for you! Or if not, they’ve got loads of tricks you might find useful to have more add-ons to your layouts.