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Some of the Top Illustration Programs

When I used the computer, one of the first things I ever did was use MS Paint. I was only five back then, and of course using MS Paint already made me happy. But like technology, my love for MS Paint changed as it technology changed its way.

Today, as a web designer newbie and a student there are many top illustration programs to use. Too many that we can't count anymore. But one thing I assure you is that they’re all great and helpful.

My first pick that I think everyone is familiar of is Adobe Photoshop. From Adobe Photoshop CS to Adobe Photoshop CS4, I’ve loved this program. They provide a user-friendly interface and many add-ons. Most of all, they have the very powerful tool “pen tool”. This helps me to draw easier rather than manual drawing with MS Paint. Their layers’ options are also really helpful. Easily, I am able to create layouts, designs and even animated gifs! Who won’t love it? Even in our school, most of my classmates favor Adobe Photoshop because it’s enjoyable plus there are great designs out there, especially brushes to add to your program.

Not only does Adobe provide Adobe Photoshop, but also Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Stock Photos, Adobe Illustrator and, there are more.

Moving on, we have Corel Photosuite. What we use in school is mostly Corel Draw. The latest version is Corel Draw X4 and I tell you, it’s awesome! The features are cool, almost like Adobe’s. They have this tool close to the status bar that you can already see your work even without choosing Print Preview. They also provide great designs such as the Contour tool, this give a very cool effect to vectors or shapes. Other than that is their power tool, to make your works even more fascinating! The power tool is a tool that allows an image to be inside a shape and maintain the shapes side. It’s like the shape acts as a container. They also have Object Management which makes arranging your objects to what should be in front or behind.

These are the great paid programs that can help you make great graphics and illustrations but there is also a free one that I know and is almost as good as these ones are.

This is the program called GIMP. You might wonder what it means; well it means “GNU Image Manipulation Program” which used to mean “General Image Manipulation Program”. GIMP is really awesome because firstly, it is 100% free. Yet it still provides many add on. You can even make animated images with GIMP, and imagine you’re not paying anything while you can do enhancements to your artworks!Isn't that superb?

Now that I’ve share to you some Top Illustration Programs, try them out now. Each of them will surely help you enhance your talent, make your works even more better and as for web designers like me they’d help a lot to have better designs, and thus, great websites. And for students, it is a way for them to discover everything about graphics.