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Want to be a nurse?

Right now, even though there is a financial crisis all through out the world – we cannot deny that everyday, more high school graduates decide to take nursing instead of the college course they really want to. Most of the times, they do this for the sake of their families because still, most believe that being nurses can save them from scarcity.

And just recently, my uncle participated in the license exams for nurses who want to be able to work abroad. I don’t know yet the outcome because I haven’t talked to him, but one thing I know is that every year hundreds of nurse graduates try hard to succeed in passing it.

Next in line to my uncle are my other two cousins, in fact, I think three. Actually, my mom insisted I took up nursing too but instead I took the course I really like – of course, I don’t want to do something my mind and body doesn’t like.

But for those who plan to take up nursing, do not be afraid no matter how many trials there may be – financial, emotional and even physical. God never fails to help and stand by your side, you might also want to take a
cna training to improve your skills and knowledge more and to be ready when it’s time for you to take the licensure exams to be a valid nurse to work abroad, and be able to help his or her family.