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I need some hair care.

Right, I think it’s been a month since I gave my hair a hair spa. So now, it’s dried and it doesn’t have style anymore, I hate it. But I can’t do anything about it now…

First, I’m always too busy. Also, mom takes me with the salon with her, and yes I do not know how to go on a haircut on my own. I know I’m silly. My hair is so long I don’t know how to keep up with it anymore. I tried cutting some to have bangs the other week. However, I think this time around my talents in cutting bangs isn’t delightful anymore. It made me look like an elementary kid more.

I want to go on a makeover but my mom is busy too, so yeah no time at all. I think I’ll try to go on a hair spa (which I do on my own) this weekend. This is also the result of too much stress and sleepless nights (and I can’t do anything because I have insomnia, now that sucks)

Luckily, I can still keep up with my hair with the help of hairpins. I want to buy more online because I found cute designs in this website and some that looked really lady like – so they won’t call me elementary kid anymore! GAHH! The next mission would be my height (but I don’t think that has hope).