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Custom logos galore!

Right now, we’re working on our thesis for our System Analysis Design. We’re still at chapter one! But everyday, it makes me excited because I want to code our program already (even if I still lack some php knowledge) I’m so happy because we’re finally studying about website-thingies.

It suddenly also reminded me how important the custom logo design our system should have. My, I’m so excited that I already looked for a website that made custom logo designs! I can make one, but I guess it’s better to go to the experts.

I guess for now, we have to focus on chapter one first. But I’m also already reviewing a bit of php. It makes me so happy we’re finally here! And, I want our project to have a professional logo. I will surely seek the works of the experts to find a good example! I make logos childish you see.

Good thing I found a good site to start from. They will surely help me in creating a good logo that will leave a mark, leave our mark! And make our system unforgettable and the best. How about you guys? Where do you go when you look for custom logo designs? I come to think of it, I actually need one for my hosting website. Oh well! Until next time folks.