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Once in a lifetime...

I believe in the saying that “everything is once in a lifetime”. Life it self only happens once, so the best thing to do in that span of time you’re still alive is make it worthwhile and appreciate it, and if you can make it longer – that’s why we have Health Insurance.

Well, actually this didn’t matter to me until my mom used what their company provided her and for us. It helps a lot especially in times of emergency. Honestly, you cannot guess what can happen next to you. To live a better life you have to be prepared.

While you can, don’t just spoil your health by doing weird and tiring things all of time. Give time for yourself to rest too. Too much can cause trouble in the end, so too much work, too much sleepless nights cannot do good ever.

I think it’s good as early as now you read something about Health Insurance, so when you get the chance, you should get one. You’ll be able to keep your health in case you get ill or something.