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What is your favorite subject?

Personally, I think English just suits me. But when I found out about Psychology, I also started loving it. It’s a great subject, you get to know about lots of things and how things came to be – you start to understand life even more.

And although I didn’t get a high grade in our exams, I still look forward this subject because it sounds intruiging, especially the part regarding the study of ghosts, not that I’m into haunting stuff, I actually have never seen a ghost other than my boyfriend (just kidding).

I also like it when our teacher make us watch films that are really fun – once, we got to watched The Sixth Sense. I only heard that when I was a child, and yes it’s been a long time since that movie was a hit.

I never got to watch it until our professor let us because my mom and dad wouldn’t let me. I also love how nice our professor is. So, to improve myself, from now on I will read articles about Psychology!