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The friend who loves his truck

Guess who visited me again? My friend! Along with his truck, I mentioned him in my other blog. Well, again and again he told me how much he loved his truck especially when he got his cherished number plate! Oh you have to hear him, he’s so loud but yet every he if says make sense – especially if they’re about cars, trucks and whatever vehicle that is.

It made me thing it’d be so nice if I had tha passion as he did, well I think I do which is blogging. But, I wish I can have something to take care of like he did – and maybe then, I can get myself cherished number plates too, someday!

How about you? Do you have a dream car or the likes? Do you like personalising your car or your stuff? Tell me! And let me hear your thoughts! It’s cool when you love something, and you love it more by improving it, isn’t it?