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I'm Outdated!

The songs in my computer and my cellphone are so outdated! So today, I must update to the fullest! But, it’s really hard because I feel lazy to go download them one by one via Youtube. I don’t like downloading with Limewire either, because that place is a virus prone place.

So, what can be your suggestion? Well, my friend had something cool to offer me. He told me about a great source of all mp3 songs I might want to download to keep away from being outdated, and yes, for everyone’s curiosity here it is – simple yet amazing, he told me about an MP3 Search Engine he always went to when he wanted to download songs!

Now, I’ve got no problem! The only problem maybe, is finding out what songs am I to download. Because I hardly know songs, but I need not worry because I know they’ll be just a click away, especially now that my friend introduced to me a good place to start downloading from!

Sure enough, I won’t be outdated anymore – and my PsP will have some songs in it! I haven’t inputted any songs to it since I got it. Yes, I lack interest to music lately. But thanks to my friend!!!