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Be aware

Too live your life is challenge, how much more to stay alive? Well, what I’m saying is things just happen in an unpredictable way. We lose track of time, we lose track of what we do – sometimes, we even do hazardous things that cause trouble.

Trouble, in a way that we are careless that we do not even know anymore of the Criminal Law that we should. No, most would disregard this – but little did they know that knowing such can help save others as well? And it can even save others from themselves.

So my point here is, everyone should be aware. Everyone should read a piece of it even just a sentence because it keeps you informed if you’re already experiencing abuse or such. It can save many lives and save many future you know.

Just like now, I am reading a bunch of this. I want to help inform others as well, so we will all live with no trouble and love life as it is, and even more.