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A good choice for a home

I’m no expert when it comes to houses. I am clueless when it comes to choosing furniture for rooms but I am touched with my friend’s email after I shared to her some website she could buy good furniture displays.

It’s where she found the rustic furniture that her mom loved so much. She was ecstatic and with that her mom treated her for dinner which was very unusual. Her mom is pretty busy with work most of the time so they bond a little. I am happy what my little help has done for them.

They also bought other furniture displays that were unique, they were rare and her mom loves rare. I’m lucky my mom does not go for those kinds of stuff because I believe they’re a bit pricey, right? But it’s nice because decorating your house is really fun – especially if you’re the artistic type of person.

When get to own my house someday – I’ll definitely put lots of furniture displays or so. It’s going to be lovely! And yes, I know that will make my mom happy too. Tsktsk, mom loves furniture displays to make it short.
But I don’t live in a huge house, putting too much furniture displays in our house will just eat up space. So I guess that’s why.