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Seven Guilty Pleasures

I bet there’s something you like to do but wouldn’t admit to in front of your teacher, or to your boss, or in a scenario such as being on a first date without a fair bit of prompting. These are called guilty pleasures and everyone enjoys at least one little quirk – that’s what makes us individuals. Maybe you can spot one of yours in the list below.

Pop Music

Some fans are very vocal about their adoration of Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus. Others you find out by surprise when you accidentally overhear them humming in the bathroom or letting their hair down at karaoke.

Not Getting Dressed

It’s lovely not having to set the alarm, knowing you can spend the whole day in your pyjamas if you wish.

Rom Coms

Sometimes there’s nothing better than unwinding with a star-studded, chewing-gum-for-the-eyes, cheesy romantic comedy film that you noticed happened to be starting on TV when you were just about to pop in that black-and-white subtitled DVD you rented because you wanted to impress the cute sales assistant.


Although too much can be a bad thing, chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which gives rise to emotions similar to those associated with falling in love, and consumption also releases the chemical serotonin in the brain. If there are two of you, you’ll feel less guilty about indulging in Devil’s Food Cake or that sundae-to-share in the diner that you formerly ate alone. You can also both turn this guilty pleasure into a bona fide hobby by baking together.


The word ‘smell’ isn’t particularly pretty. But some actual smells are. There are those we can all agree on – freshly mown grass, baking (see above), roses. And then there are those that we may feel make us a teensy bit geeky, such as the smell of a new car, an old dusty book or a leather jacket.

Celebrity Gossip Mags

We don’t know why reading about other people’s lives is so interesting. It just is.

Computer Games

Some are addictive. Some are expensive. Some you’d be ashamed to admit you owned. Sometimes zapping aliens and collecting rings is so very much more important than going travelling, spending time with friends or working for that promotion. We would never say that out loud, but the high scores tell the truth.

These seven guilty pleasures can only be improved by one thing – sharing the experience with someone who feels the same way! Imagine dipping into chocolates while lounging around in your pyjamas, singing along to the pop soundtrack of your favourite rom com together. Perhaps you can meet that special someone through work, study, through a friend or through online dating, where it is easy to judge compatibility levels before you even meet. But if they don’t feel the same way about golf or cross-stitching as you do, don’t fret, because you still have the opportunity as a twosome to explore new interests together you were perhaps afraid to try out on your own before.

So there you have it – seven guilty pleasures. Like the seven deadly sins, but with more of an emphasis on treats than trouble!