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Someday I want to experience a ride on a yacht! I want to take mom and dad in awesome places both by land and by water.

So, I will work hard to get that Monacograndprixhospitality package. I don’t know how, but I will do my best in studying, in working, in earning money lol~

I don’t know when that “someday” is but I know that if I believe so, I will be able to make all these dreams come true – the travelling, the shopping, the taking-mom-and-dad somewhere awesome and unforgettable.

I am but just a little kid right now but I know someday I will be out there shining on my own – doing what I do and doing it at my best.

How about you? What are your dreams? I’m sure this is one of your dreams too, who wouldn’t dream to be on a VIP section of a yacht! And actually, I’ve never seen a yacht. I really hope someday I will.

This is very tough and a very hard dream to reach, for me, I think. But maybe my fate will take me there - and you too! Let’s work hard and maybe our goals will take us there.