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My choice of a room

What’s inside your room? The room in our house is only me and my parents’. I don’t have my own but it’s not a big deal that much. But even so, there are times I dream of having my own room. However, I know no matter how fancy it is it will end up messy, lol.
I’ve been thinking of how it will look like though. I used to wish my mom and dad that I should have a room like that one in an attic – but in the long run I realized that’s a very wrong idea because I might die because of summer heat during summer.

Then I thought maybe it would be nice if it’s a room with a balcony or maybe some fancy Cheap Roman Blinds because I saw some pretty looking ones in an online store yesterday.
My mom would definitely love those. However, the thing is for now I can’t have a room yet.

Haha! Maybe someday, I don’t think it’s a necessity anyway because I can sleep
alright. I think I’m fine with my little office corner and I actually comfy when my parents are around, I like watching television shows with them and it is fun.