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I've never tried...

Drinking wine! Do you believe me? Well no, that’s a joke. But I hardly do drink wine and alcohol. If I do I would prefer it is wine by the case that has been made at their finest! But actually, I never had any since I’m not the socially inclined person like most teens are.

I don’t like partying, I don’t like drinking, and most of all I don’t like getting drunk. Not that I have anything about those who like going out. Drinking wine is good once in a while, especially if you’re stressed. My mom even mentioned once that particularly, red wine – is good for the heart, something like that.

You see- it’s also a good thing to have during celebrations, so definitely once in a while you drink wine. If you do why not get the best wine that your family will enjoy?

I’m not into drinking, but when I do I make it a point it’s unforgettable! Such as having a nice drink of wine with the people I love, with the finest wine, and with the best food of course. Haha, I don’t know yet if I plan to drink wine in the following six months. Probably not.