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some quick post..

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Thinking Of: HMMM BEKEYSYON!!!:)

It's almost 2 am. Hmm. I just want to say, I MISS BLOGGING. Anyways, I'm having second thoughts whether imma move to wp and find some host or stick to blogger. LOL. i'm so indecisive. this that and this. Christian is already asleep. Plus he'd hate me if he reads this
cuz he thought i slept along with him, we were plurking a while ago. plurk has been reeeeally useful. and o well, thanks to symbianize forum we get to surf the net through our mobile phones for free:)

i was urged to post because i received a mail from linkreferral. it made me inspired, and brought
my blog spirit because i was soooo touched because i didn't know i had 5 reviews for my blog and all had high points! now, i should get those buttons back :))

oooo. and uhm, i wanna blog hop. as in, now:) haha but i bet all my blog friends are asleep already. and uh, my KP at plurked dropped.. but i don't really mind at all!haha.
HMMM there's not much sense in this post.

tomorrow (or should i say today) i'll work on my english thesis AGAIN and my PCL research.

Can't wait for vacaaaation ughhh!
Plus the heat is killing me.
My biirthdaay is on 15th but i really
hate summer..