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Hello :D

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I want to update. I can't help myself. Hahaha. I just got up a couple of hours ago because after we went to Pangetpatan's house to submit our thesis drafts in english my body just weakened and while waiting for my hubby to go online i feel asleep. I was using my cp so i really got sleepy lookin at it.

Anyways, here are some of our pics during our college tour..

*Pheew* it took me an hour uploading tsktsk (i had to resize and upload one by one)
Tsktsk, the pictures are only of me, yanyan and some sceneries because the whole
time I was with him. And i wasn't really into group pics cuz I'm not into group-friends right now.

Anyways, what really happened that day? Well,I got up around I wasn't able to sleep because
I was sooo excited. Wahahaha. My mom & dad were grumpy because they had to wake up
at 3 am to take me and Christian there. When we got to Christian's place I had to cry :(
Because he only got up when we got there, i reminded him to wake up earlier. I was
so ashamed because mom & dad got even more upset, plus, it's a kind of disgrace
because his image to my parents is now not as it was before,
now they think i always wait for him..

I didn't talk to Christian but later I did since I didn't want to spoil the fun.
Our first stop was at Sutherland Global Services, i didn't find it muh exciting cuz
Christian and I were at bad terms again when we got there. haha (LOL, i was moody that day)
We were taught about BPO, and more stuff about their services. They were much like
a call center but according to them they're not cuz they're something even better than that. ECHOS. Next stop was at PAGASA where various instruments to find out weather were
introduced to us, now, at this time Christian and I were okay so I was alright. I even took picture of a ducky and her ducklings (Don't really know if it's a duck!) hahaha.

Fast forward..

The best part was the swimming, of course it was what everyone was
waiting for, but honestly i did not enjoy it that much cuz i didn't know
how to swim haha. But Christian thought me how. I enjoyed the tour
probably because i was sitting next to Christian,the snacks because
there were so many! and the walks. i just love getting somewhere
far home. it's something new.

the following two days our teachers didn't show up
In short, there were no classes!!!
YAY, but we're having so many projects,
thesis, and even a defense. Hence, we are on a rush!!!

AWWW. When I buy time, I'll make up for what i missed:)
I want to make Christian a website :)

But I dunno when.. tsktsk.
I wish this school madness is over,]
even finals is coming up..!!!