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I didn't plan this

I planned to sleep again after I check my email but instead I stayed up looking for stuff. Ha-ha! If you wonder, I’m actually researching on what gifts I can give this Christmas! And one person was my uncle because I didn’t know what to give to him! NOOO! I’ve ran into so many pages but I still haven’t got any ideas. Help here?

But anyways, my boyfriend did tell me that maybe I should give something he’d love and at the same time find useful. That was when something hit my head, and yes, it was his love for cars! I saw a BMW steering rack he might like for his new BMW which was just bought last year. I know it’s still new but a spare wouldn’t be bad. Okay, but I’m not familiar with these things I think I’m going to ask my dad first! Oh well, so how about you guys? Already thought of Christmas gifts for Christmas?

Christmas gifts are way harder to deal with than I thought! He-he, actually it’s my first time to buy gifts, LOL. You must find it weird, what I mean is the one really full of effort gifts! I usually gave cards, I’m even uncertain I can buy gifts. Ha-ha. But I hope I can, I want this to be the best Christmas because lately, I’ve been giving to other people stuff, which really feels good in my side, and it is just a different feeling!