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The Road to SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very popular among bloggers, and especially the professional ones. According to my friend, if you know the work around in this field, chances are that you’ll earn much than you usually do by doing sponsored posts and other online job.

I wish I knew about this. Once, I tried reading a book. But I didn’t have much patience in reading such things, guidelines, or how-tos but I did remember one thing that helped me improve my blogging a bit more – KEYWORDS play a big role.

I read choosing the right keywords will help you be targeted by search engines more especially with Google. And now, even though I really don’t have the patience in reading, I’ve been reading the Detroit Search Engine Optimization article I’ve recently stumbled to while researching for better sources regarding SEO – and I can say, I’m starting to learn more and become better, well, thanks much to this website!

I hope one day I succeed in this field, but for now, I’ll be reading more to gain more tactics!