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What's up?

I decided to update this blog because I can't sleep again. Although my head is aching already :/ haha.

I'm bloggin via phone because Smartbroken did sumthin crappy again w/ our internet connection. So yeah, I'm again internetless.

ANW,back to topic I'm here to update this blog because i noticed I haven't posted any real post lately. Even with my othe blog, Loving Pink! I was too lazy and busy always. Most updated one is my private personal blog though (if you want to know where it is, message me via tagboard/contact form)

I wish my internet will be back when I wake up. Anw, it's Dec. 13 already!

..this kind of season reminds me of last year when finally got my laptop. It was one of my dreams to have one. Thanks dad. Even though I hate you most times.

Last year prolly was my best Christmas.

This coming Christmas, I know I've got so much more blessings, like that I'll be having a new phone and PSP I bought on my own and other source of income..

But there's someone missing. I miss her. If you've been at Loving Pink, you'd know who..

So. Until my next post. My hands are getting weary, turns out it's waaay easier to post using the keyboard. I really wish Smartbroken will be fixed later. If not, i will kick their ugly faces.

My eyes are starting to hurt too. Stewpid insomnia. I hope Christian won't get to read this. He probably won't anw, so i need not worry much..

Good Morning.ΓΌ