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I just gave up.

There was a time I almost gave with essay writing during the time my teacher asked me to join our school essay contest. You ask me why? Well, at that time I had a bad cold and was sick – then she assigned me to be the EMCEE of the program, and assigned me to join for our class. Tsk, imagine how tired I was and was almost pale.

But I remember how much nice she was, she treated me like her own daughter and kept asking I was okay. Yet I wish she just let me go home! Haha. Oh well, I’ll never forget this teacher, even if I tease her sometimes (influence of my classmates). If I had the chance, maybe I would buy essays, instead of writing them when I don’t feel like it. I’m really choosy, when I write; I always want to be inspired or full of ideas. Because when I’m not, I find it meaningless.