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I had to post for Christmas :]

how was your Christmas? Mine wasn't that much celebration.
But I was happy `cuz Dad is here Christmas and New Year :]

I also have my laptop now, but I still need a router to have
an internet connection. Too bad that there're no stores open
today (are there?).

I was able to make the internet work
through my cellphone but it was uuuber slow so I quit.
Hahahaha =]

I was also pissed of a bit last night because of my grandma.
I hate how she acted when I got my gift from my Tito. So
unnice. When she show the shorts he gave me some guts of her,
she said i was too fat for it. Like duh, I'm not that fat and I know
that! And I hated her commenting, and even asking of giving it
to my younger niece. Dumb asss. If a gift is for you, it is ONLY FOR YOU!

Let's forget about that. We'll go to mass later.
And go to our relatives. Honestly, I don't like the going
to relatives part. Cuz I hate it when they
compare, and endless bad mouth.

What I love about Christmas,
is my dad. my mom and my hubby.

They make my Christmas happy.
And o yea, friends and plurk friends:]

it's kinda sad though, I couldn't
register to UNLITXT. I should've registered
earlier. Hahah. Ow. but good thing there's sulitxt.

I made this especially for christmas,