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Much awaited Christmas break :)

Finally, our Christmas break starts!
How `bout ya? So now, how am i going to spend this Christmas? I really don't know. Often, I end up `messin it up
consuming all my time for nonetheless things. Come on, that's the best thing in Christmas - you are allowed to
do nothing, and just be lazy all day. Haha LOL.

I haven't got any great plans at all for Christmas, but I'd like to do one thing first :
A LIST OF MY NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION. Wow, isn't advance? Well here it is...

  1. I will be on greeeat diet (I need to loose a lot of weight)
  2. I need to be on time with regards to my sleeping time.
  3. I hafta save money, everyday. (I'm glad the "PALUWAGAN" i've joined is over)
  4. I need to read. (I haven't read books in a while.)
  5. I need to have more patience. (Christian said I'm too impatient, hot-headed)
  6. I will be a good girl. Hahaha:)
  7. I will exercise at least 3x a week. (wow.)
..will I be able to do this? Hopefully I will, I named a few because I made a few.