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Merry Christmas dayyys everyone :)

merry christmas everyone.
i made this drawing, hope ya like it.
comments are highly appreciated. whoaa :)

visit my deviantart account too :)

i was goin to scan more drawings but boom!
our scanner suddenly wouldnt work.
it was working before, it was newly bought
and brought home by my mom after goin
to thailand to see my dad. i was greatly mad!
because i finally had my drawing spirit back then
it blews my plans. luckily, my cp had a camera,
and luckily i was able to take a good
picture of my drawing

then the one i first shown is the edited one.
Thank God for the Adobe Photoshop CS4 portable I have
haha. I'm just so happy to finally have it :)

..i also drew another one last night
but i won't be able to scan it. So instead, I'll
be waiting for my laptop. As soon as I get
my hands on it i'll install our printer/scanner/photocopier
to it. it'll be easier. I didn't want to reinstall it to our
current pc since we are going to reformat it sooner
or later, plus it's a bummer.
and i was going to have my laptop anytime now.

I want to relive my passion of drawing, and the same
with my weblayouting/designing, even the pixeling which
i didn't get to practice. the same with my inclination to music,
i want to play the guitar more often once again like i did before.

oh well. hope i do!
and accomplish my new year's resolution:)

yeay, advance no?