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PLURK. Kalye. Christmas. Wish. O WTH these are supposed to be in the labels! haha :D

Why are you so addictive?
I can't do other things while
doing you! Hahaha.

I wish tomorrow (or today, to be exact)
Will be a happy day as yesterday. Yea.
I made my own christmas tree
cuz we couldn't buy one (so expensive eh!)

..hmm, have you heard?
people are already going ga-ga over christmas.
Buses are already full that there were no tickets left.
Malls are so damn crowded (yea, i've been to SM, so craaazy)
Parks are up until late hours in the MORNING, mind you, MORNING.
Ahhh. this is so christmas. there are also kids caroling outside now,
unlike the earlier weeks. but not as much as before.
Just telling ya. haha. i've heard it through tv.
it's too obvious anyway, cuz it's usually like
this during christmas.

I also watched "Kalye" awhile ago while waiting for mom & dad
with their chatting. I wanted to use the pc sooo bad eh. Unfortunately,
I was not able to catch Karen online, she was already off line. luckily
Rica was there, so it wasn't that bad.

BTW, i'm thanking karen for joining pluuurk for meh =P

Okay now, back to "Kalye"
theirr episode for today was really touching.
What iloved is how they helped
the people who didn't get to celebrate christmas
as much as I do, and you do.

They're living such hard lives, collecting recycled materials
asking for alms, homeless, hungry and cold
every christmas night.

To the point that I promised myself, that once I become rich (or not, or not so)
I will feed street children during christmas:]

I feel, that way I'll have a great christmas.
I wish I could do that wish now.


there are only 3 , no, 2 ithink, days before
Christmas. After all this time, Christmas is still my favorite event
of the year. I really don't know why. Maybe I want to se Santa like jimmy neutron
did (I was watching their christmas episode this morning)
Hahah :D

i really made looong letters to santa long ago.
hmm, i don't recall having any of them. haha. i
must be on the naughty list. hahaahah :D

quit the laughing, i am so excited to see mydad.
and christmas. and i hope i get my christmas wiish.

oh yea, try going to THIS SITE
Actually, I've tried this before. Before, none of it matched to my personality
(what i know of myself) but when I tried again, it was quite changed.
Haha. My favorite number is 7, and I chose Thursday.
Christmas is on Thursday aaayt?
I wish my wiiiish would come true, fact: it's not material :D

May we all have happy holidayss everyone :D

Oh, here's a quick drawing

i was in a quick hurry.
I know, it looks like a MUFFIN or CUPCAKE
but my friends, it's an icecream!
Hahaha. well, it really doesn't matter :D