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A lot has happened.

My family and I have been too busy laaately. Going to malls and malls and more malls.
Often I was too tired to type anything hurr. Plus, I just recently had my wifi connection abled.
It wasn't that much of an absence :]

Well, I didn't have that grand christmas but, I was still very happy:
>knowing that I have the most important people with me, mum, dad, and my yanyan.
I wasn't too sad even if I was upset because of my grandma, i got over it as soon as i was
upset about it. I was too overwhelmed of the joy of finally having a laptop because it was
one of my dreams i never expected would come true. i even worry cuz i accidentally uninstalled
a program because of that stuupid BlueSoleil. Grr. I hope it doesn't malfunction in a way. I wasn't
able to see what program I accidentally deleted.

What do I think about nowadays?
Other than school stuff, it's dad. It's sooo unlike of me to be so appreciative of him
cuz before, I hated him actually, not totally though. I used to hate how he yells at me
and mum. I used to think of him as an enemy. But now, things have greatly changed.
I can't believe how much dad has changed. He's become sweeter, thoughtful, and unlike before, he'd give us everything. He isn't the guy who used to care about his shades, cellphone or gadgets, and be vain as ever anymore. Which makes brings me to tears at the thought that in days, dad will be going back to Thailand. *Silence*

I want to go to Thailand but it tears my heart because a piece of me wants to stay
here. I don't want to be far from my yanyan too, but I don't want to be far to dad either. Sometimes, I pity myself for hating dad before. Maybe, I should've been nice even before. Dad is dad, even if he's changed I should've given him my best hugs and kisses while he could stay with us everyday as it used to be.

But I'm happier than ever, cuz i feel that dad has found himself. Thank God for His guidance, blessings and love that my dad really did embrace. That unlike before, he
believes God more than we do. He is even a choire member! :]

If ever my dad is reading is, I want him to know that I LOOOOVE him so much.
More than anything else. I'll try my every strength to give back to him all his hard work as a reward. In time, I want to go to Thailand too and be with dad, mum, and Yanyan will be there.

Tomorrow, I will be doing the laundry. Wish us all the luck that tomorrow or should I say
today will be a great day. And I think I'll work on my layout now, or later. And do my assignments after we send dad back to thailand, I want to spend my whole vacation with dad :]

Godbless everyone and Happy New yeeear :]