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Color Me Rainbow

This blog used to be named "Solitary Escapade".
I started that blog during April i think? Around 2006 or so.
I made it as my come back to blogger, because I had many blogger
accounts before, you see. Eventually I transferred
to Pongpong Planet (that was after my hs graduation, about may 2008.)
It was at diaryland.

I've been blogging since first year high school actually,
but I stopped due to lack of interest.

I also blogged more in my Friendster Blog before.
But I eventually deleted that and went off somewhere to
blog (i can't recall where! Haha)
I wanted to have a website instead, using WP so I also
made a blog there, I haven't got rid of it.

It was called "Obscure Realities"
Until, I went back here to my old blog SE and
renamed it Color Me Rainbow because I
fell in love with the mixture of different colors!
RAINBOW and started studying how to layout blogger blogs.

At current though, I consider ILOVE-PINK.INFO
as my main blog. Although CMR is still open :)

That's pretty much the story of this blog:)