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Last day of school.

Today is the real last day of our school, yesterday, we had our college christmas party, and today, we had our school party. nothing much exciting with the parties which i'm not
interested of.

I woke up at 10 am finding out Christian was already outside our house waitin` for me.
Jeeez, I thought he said we'd leave @ 11. He said he thought I was mad because I didn't reply to his text. I wasn't, I was just to lazy to go to chikka and text back. Haha. Well anyway, he waited for another hour (he was already there since 9.30 am) for me to get myself prepared to leave.

Went to school then before we went home, we bought an "Okoy".;A street-food found @ school. We were really hungry and as soon as we got back to my place we ate a lot. We have emptied our rice cooker! Haha. My, so much hunger. Later then we decided to roller blades;. It's been a long time since I've had those in my feet. I barely did this before too. But I had so much fun! And I found myself really weary. (wow, I can burn fats through this!) Haha.

...I also heard that our Professor in PCL conducted a class, well, I was asleep.
Not my fault. Duh, he already gave his Christmas farewell then that? They said
he asked for an attendance though. WTH xD

So now, now, now. How do we spend our Christmas my friends?
Hm. Well I'm just looking forward my new year's resolution. my laptop, and most of all, dad coming home this 24th. I can't wait to see him. I'm not good at telling to him how much I miss him `cuz I don't like how corny myself would be. But, I missed dad a lot:)

Ciao. Nothing much today, really.