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Listening to: Your Guardian Angel by TRJA
Thinking Of: Ugh, class tomorrow.
Eating/Drinking: Chocolate Candies.

I'll be making this post short as much as I can. I haven't posted for another two days like before because I was too busy wit school & excited for our college tour (CS TOUR) which was today yesterday. Hahaha. I got home from our college tour pretty VERY late - i said i'd post a short one but it seems like i can't because too many words are running in my mind. But I'll spill them out another time.

I'll be plugging my boyfriend's blog because he keeps telling me i'm unfair;
That I let other people read/comment blog on mine while only me gets to read his - I've been plugging his blog but he won't recognize it. Grr. YES, he's sooo jealous of my blog friends. I even made a "supposed to be posted" sweet note for him in my phone so he'd lighten up a bit, I'll post it later :D

Next to that, we our college tour was a blast and a disaster and a tiresome day. Hahaha. I'll tell why later. I'm kinda having a headache and i hafta go to school tomorrow at 8am. Homaygaash.

And lastly, I got tagged by Grace again. Hahaha. Imma sue you Grace! hahaha.
Just kidding. So here :

1. List the names that you are called by and name the people who calls you by these name.
2. Tag other people to do the same thing, paste the link of your entry on their guestbook.
  • Pongpong - Mom&Dad call me this ever since when I was a kid, silly name; I even used it as my blog name at diaryland before xD
  • Nodi, Goray, Gobo - Same with the first reason, yea, Mom & Dad loves inventing names for me; They say it's because i had so many imaginary friends way back then?
  • Pusa/Kuting - My elementary best friends, they still call me this whenever I get to see them, even my classmates. It's because I act "catly" in way. Haha. I eat fishes with no traces of left overs, yes, the whole of it; & i make a good kitten voice. tsk.
  • Uriko/ DflyingNinja / LLeu -usual usernames at forums & etc. Online friends :]
  • Dine - classmates & Friends
  • Nadine - Normal people/New people.
  • Nadine Camille - When mom's mad at me.
  • Enid - some hs friends. Hihi.
  • Yanski - plurk friends mistaking that Yanski is my name because of my name at plurk; but it's supposed to be my bf.
  • BALOT - CHRISTIAN calls me this, I call him "PUGO". Hahaha. Why? Long story. Don't spill out to others! Hahaha.
  • Bez - grace, other bffs/tffs
  • Ochoa - old relatives, PROFS.
  • Panget - My close uncle. I also call him panget. Hahaha, that's how we show love to each other. Christian and I call this to each other too, even my dad. Hahaha.
Okay, I think this is too much. LOL
Imma tag : Janile, Eunice, Neng & Dianne