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What are gifts for?

Birthdays, weddings, debuts, anniversaries – there’s something common with these events. Have a thought what’s that? Well, it’s none other than gifts. At these times, people give gifts, just like during Christmas and on mother’s day, father’s day or sort of day with a specific celebration. It’s the thought that counts but gifts really make things more exciting.

At the thought of these things, I suddenly remembered it was my dad’s birthday this coming June 13. Whew! So I’ve got to go get some gift, right? I haven’t given Mom and Dad any gift at all since self made cards.

Other than my mom and dad, I also remembered my niece who I haven’t visited for a while. I wish I can give her something. Maybe personalized kid’s backpacks and baby memory books would do since she’s still very young and still a kid. What do you think?

Maybe mom would love laundry bags because she might have a use for them too.

And today happens to be my 30th monthsary with my boyfriend. So, I need many ideas what gifts to check out.

Well, whatever I give I’m sure they’ll appreciate. Be it a small gift or big, the sense of giving is remembering. A gift is a little sentiment a person can keep and treasure. The person you give gifts to will always be happy, at the thought that you cared to leave something for her no matter how busy life is.