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New trend of technology

Over the past years, technology had many developments. It started from abacus to machineries, calculators to computers, up to many inventions. Whoever invented all this stuff, it sure had made life way easier than before.

As a student, knowledge about technology had become a must for me especially because I’m taking up Bachelor of Science in Technology. Meaning to say, to be on track with our current technology trends is a must.

I usually have to rent a computer outside our campus for my school stuffs, spending more money plus the payment for internet usage. As time went by though, things have changed. Like said, many inventions were discovered. Those are the likes of a laptop, which you can bring anywhere. They allow me to finish my projects in. A netbook is also handy since it’s easier to bring around, and works even better than a laptop.

The good thing about these “new trends”, be it a laptop, netbook, or notebook is that it also makes you feel everything you pay for is worth it. Why buy a computer when you can’t bring it at school, right? Computers may last longer, but these new things will make life easier.