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People across the world

When I was in high school, I was fond of joining forums. Well, that’s how I started my interest for blogging and web designing stuff. Those were the days; I was talking to foreigners rather than the people of my country. You see, at that time I seldom knew anyone who was into using internet. Most of the people I knew since outdated.

Yet today, things have become different. I met some people my age even younger now talking to all sorts of people. Some even talk to Korean! Well, what’s good in this all? You get to discover how it is like in a different country like a different world. Then there’s World Chat, a website that allows you to chat for free. Here, you’d meet people across the world. Discover their cultures, and how their country is like without spending a dime to get a plane!

You see, stories are as much as exciting as how it is in real life. You might even meet friends, and maybe they’d take you for a tour in their country! Wouldn’t that be cool? Have fun, interact with different people across the world!