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Kids and gifts

Parents say, the best part of being parents is how you made your children who they are today. As for my parents, what they are missing are the times when I was a just a toddler. They loved every moment we had back then – my first baby steps, my first word and how I played my silly childish games.

One day, when I have children I want their childhood to become very special too. Wouldn’t it be nice if they had nice memories as a kid? For sure they would really be touched every time they share their life as kids.

I would love to give them gifts – personalized children’s plates, a toddler backpack, nap mats and more kid’s stuff. Actually, kids are very easy to please. They’d be happy as long as you give them something on a birthday or a Christmas. That’s why kids are easier to handle than elders. I bet that’s why my mom miss me as a kid too, because some people, as they grow up, they tend to look for more things.

In the end, what’s good is that we try to give. Gifts make kids happy and even adults, no matter how painful the price is. They feel they are appreciated. And I’m sure we, who give gifts feel happiness too because we made someone smile.