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Talk about Golf

Getting tired of basketball? Don’t like volleyball or any other strenuous activities? Well, why not try golf? One safe game you might enjoy. Yet before that, let me inform you a bit about golf.

Golf started in 1600’s in Scotland, later in USA and New Jersey until it reached farther countries.The word "golf" actually means “Gentlemen Only, Ladies Prohibited” but in later years women were then allowed to golf too. Like any other games though, golf requires practice and effort to learn. It also has instructions as usual, and of course rules to follow.

Furthermore, golf helps practice focus and concentration. It helps you think logically too, planning and deciding how and where to hit the ball. With golf too, we might learn more friends rather than the usual basketball bud around. Golf is very much like the game of intelligent people and those living in a higher level. But that doesn’t mean those who are basic people can’t learn right?

In Germany, they have golf schools that teach with you with no worry. Add up to that, is that they have a shop complete with all the materials you need. I’ve been checking out the website quite sometime now. I even found that they had golf holidays there called “Golfreisen” or “Golfurlaub”. I wish we had one of those in our country, lucky for those who are in Germany. I wonder how they learn golf, and how they end up being so good it.

A Golf Reisen would do well if you feel up of trying something different today. It might even do good to keep you from boredom. Golf maybe played by a few but we cannot tell how enjoyable it could be unless we try it. I’m hoping to try it myself one of these days. It might be cool to try something for a change.