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Golf in Germany

Golf is one of the rarest hobbies of individuals. Though, we don’t know that golf is one pretty cool sport. With a swing, we will learn how to aim or focus. Also, we can learn a lot of new friends with the same interest. In Germany, Chiemsee Bavaria – they have a golf school wherein they have a “Golf Platzreife” which is the permission to allow a person to play Golf sport. Some manage to learn easily, and they enjoy every moment of their golf adventure. Best, is that we are challenged.

If I were given the chance, I would love to check out Germany, at Chiemesee. I might enjoy golf, and maybe tag along some friends or my family. That would really be exciting, since a few only know how to play golf. In our country we actually don’t. I’m hoping someday I can play Golf sport. Maybe it’d be a great hobby.