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Mac Os and Netboot, anyone?

Most people prefer having their desktops or laptops in Windows OS. Yet, did we ever think Mac Os is also great? Yes, if we look at the bright side Mac Os offers a unique platform unlike the usual. Many would say it’s not user friendly, but we can’t say that unless we tried right?

In other countries, people even prefer Mac Os because of course; they offer features that Windows Os does not have. It wouldn’t hurt to try that at all.

One of the cool things I found about Mac Os is about their Netboot service which can be improved easily. Yet beforehand, we must know things of how can we make Netboot work faster, and be better than the usual. One reason as shared to me was the RAM memory. Like any other computers, RAM is very essential; it’d be very good if we have a RAM with a high memory.

Another thing would be because of how you partition. Well, if we look at it Mac Os really has little difference with Windows. Except for some flaws, and some aces against its rival OS.

Summing up, Mac Os isn’t bad at all. It has a variety of features and to try out something different is pretty cool once in a while. Mac Os, may it be the arch nemesis of Windows that we’re all into is always an Os you will never regret to try.