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Happy New Year :]

Another year.
another journey, another page in our lives' story.
I wonder what 2009 holds?

Hm, i think 2009 will be greatly different above all.
Just as it started, i wasnt like i was before.

Usually, minutes before new year i would be jumping
crazily and would be o so loud.

But today, i was not.
Probably because I was too upset
of too many things.
1. Globe
2. Plurk
3. I don't know i just am upset.

But I quit texting that Unli and Sulitxt.
Globe is so unfair, I swear, sooner or
laaater i will be transferring to another
service and curse them [for.ever]
Because they let other people
register. Stuuupid.


Guess i was just not
lucky enough to be their
favorable customer.
But goodness, I have been their
customer for years! It's a crime
to treat loyalists like that.
and treat other customers
who aren't. so sick of em.

Doesn't matter.

All that matters is that I want
to make 2009 a great year.
I was happy Yanyan and I got
to spent it together despite my

Luckily, dad allowed him to
comeover. We were together for an
hour or so until my laptop
was lowbat already i told
him to go home. he brought
his promised POP POP.
Noir, but I don't know what to
do wit it. It was not like those
i had last year xD

On the downside,
dad will be going back to Thailand
in 3 days. so sad :[

no make that 2.



i'll blabber later.

Once again, a meerry new year to you:D