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Free Domains

Looking for free domains?
Originally, I planned to sign up here for a
free domain if I was not
given Loving Pink ( This end of July though, I signed up
for HappyLuv!~ ( and signed up one
for Christian (my boyfriend) too which was Sketch Me (
Overall, I think it isn't that bad at all. You can change DNS settings and even
use it for Blogger. I plan to use it if ever I lose my pagerank with my blog,
hopefully, I won't! Haha.

Another one is CO.NR


As you all know, it's the one I've been using for this blog. Although
I recently discovered the down sides of having one. Actually, is
just a url that cloaks your real url. In example, my real url for
this blog is then I used
Notice that if you click on a page or link anywhere in
my blog if you went through the link the url
stays the same. I had problems with SponsoredReviews in one of my
past posts if you get to read. I forgot about the cloaking thing. Haha.
I tried replacing
color-me-rainbow with colormerainbow+/2009/page.html
but SponsoredReviews of course won't approve your post since they'll keep saying
it's from a different url. That's why you must never use this if you plan to sign up
for websites like
SponsoredReviews. It will give a heartbreak! Haha.


UNONIC - United Names Organisation

I don't know if you heard about this website
but I just tried it (seconds ago LOL). It works like
Although I think it's a bit cooler since you get domains like,
Not bad. But again, it's a cloaking url.

Lastly, dotTK


I believe this one's the most known. I've read that .tk is a cloaking url
too though. Plus I've heard problems occuring at times from a friend.

Added on August 15,2009
I forgot about this but there's also this website called
Haven't tried it though, but a friend of mine does use it.

Yet, if I were you -
I'd buy a real domain instead. Although some are pricey. Try Pink-Domains! It's where I bought Each domain there is only for 450 php (450 pesos, about $10). .info domains are for $1.99 at GoDaddy.

I also heard about; they have a variety of domain name extensions there. You can try saving up first then go to these websites! Or if you want, I can give you a subdomain @ Loving Pink or at 143angel :)

If you know more free domains, just leave a comment here where
or contact me through

Note: This post is no paid post. Hehe, I just wanted to share this.
I hope you find it useful.
I'll try to post about free web hosts next time!