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School is cool

School is cool because of friends and the bonding moments. It’s great too when we learn something new. Much fun when games are played, and songs are sang. But what made school even cool are the new school stuff we buy before school starts!

School rocks!When I was younger, I was always excited when I saw toddler nap mats. They seemed to be so cute! But I never really got one since there wasn’t a napping time class in our school when I was in kindergarten. I was also into window shopping of bags of different styles. There was one named stephen joseph quilted backpack that was fascinating. There were other more styles but if I were you I’d rather stick with a stephen joseph backpack because it’s quite different. Not to mention the name is kind of unique!

Well, I’ll tell you something, school is really great! So if you’re a student like me, or younger – for sure, new school materials are a must!