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Hooraaay. New layout for Color Me Rainbow!
"Just Simple"
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to use the
layout Jean made for me. Sorry Jean :(
I was having trouble with the codes,
and she was away and I couldn't ask.

I too, wanted an upgraded version of blogger,
I mean, not in Classic Template Mode.
So now, I upgraded and edited the basic layout a bit.
I'm no good with the new blogger you see,
I'd rather make my own codes, but I don't know the
heck out of the new codes with blogger with stuff.

Anyway, I missed blogging here!
I missed my blog pet, look how old she is now.
And today (actually it was yesterday since it's already 2:26 am now)
I am very happy because my hubby bought a
new housing to my cellphone after 100 years!
But I'll post the picture later. Tsktsk.
Picture Posted @ Loving Pink!

Happy week everyone!