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How sad.

I wasted $3.25 in an opp I got from SponsoredReviews. I spent 30 minutes writing a review for it but it couldn't be approved because it says the url was different from the one I used (which was So, what I did, I just deleted the whole thing and the blog using in SponsoredReviews. Then submitted using my real url. I bet I won't get any more opps after these. The waste :(

When I should've done my laundry for PE tomorrow. Grr, but I must be positive. Opps will be in the way. Too bad, maybe I'll be lucky next time. Aja aja fighting! Just a quick post to tell about my misery. Goodbye $3.25.

Lesson learned. Do not use co.nrs with SponsoredReviews and
other websites that offer paid posting.