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Why is time important?

Do you actually believe in the saying that “Time is Gold.”? Me, I do and I always have. Of all many things, it is time which helps us be able to do things. Of course, in order for you to do something you need a span of time right?

That is why time is valuable. However, because of too much work or too many assignments we lose track of time. Even when watching a movie or a show, enjoying so much we forget to do other things. And as for me, I’m always busy surfing the net or playing games online so I always forget to see what time is it.

But to avoid this, we’ve got one way – always check the time! To do that, of course we need a wrist watch or a clock. This is one of my problems, I don’t know why but I have this kind of bad luck with wrist watches they never last in my hands. It’s either I lose them or break them. Luckily, no matter how unfortunate I am with watches my family and friends always give me new ones every time they find out I broke mine or lost it.

Watches or wrist watches are great gifts you know. When my boyfriend gave me a wrist watch as a gift once, he said it’s because it meant he wants me to be reminded that his time is only mine. That’s sweet, right? And I have another thought about watches; they remind you that “time is gold” not just even gold, but a treasure.

Once you let go of every chances in life because you always fail to be on time you can never have them back. It is only once in a lifetime for every chance, so you must always remember the importance of time.

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