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Twip Me!

Way back ago, I shared to you guys that I was being addicted to plurk. However it pissed me off one time because they kept pushing my karma down while they always gave 0.01 point for every karma update. It's a wonder when I'll even reach 100 Karma Points, probably in a hundred years?

That's why I decided to open my Twitter acount again. Plus the fact
that I have been receiving emails from Be A Magpie.
I then twitted again for the sake of earning, and what do you know

I didn't just earn but also have fun! Some of my friends too are on twitter again.

Now, about the title is because of Twip.Me!
They allow you to tweet while on your Yahoo Messenger!
You also receive updates from your friends at the same time.
It made tweeting a lot more easier than before!

All you have to do is sign up at their website and follow their instructions.

For tweeting, you message twipme in your YIM list with
t(space)your message. It then replies "Done." once you it's twitted
and if you want to message a twitter friend just put @ then his/her username
i.e @uriko space then your message

@uriko this is fun!

it replies "Done." And it's twitted.

Other than that, if you want to tweet easily there's
an add-on for the new Mozilla Firefox called TwitterBar!

As for this add on, once installed you just have to enable its access
to your account, just click the twitter icon "t". Then for messaging,
you type your message in your address bar and type at the end --post
It will say Posting to Twitter then say it's a success afterwards.


Happy tweeeetttiiing!