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Try out Golf!

One of the people who amaze me is Lorena Ochoa. Not only did she catch my attention because we had the same surname but also because she’s a Mexican who has been known because of playing golf. It got me to thinking, why golf of all sports to try out.

This made me wonder but then I finally found the answers. Unlike other sports, golf is very challenging. How else can you play without good determination! Luckily, like in Chiemsee, Bavaria Germany they offer golfkurse wherein you’ll surely learn how to play golf.

Golf is a good sport because it practices your skills to be patient, observant and be aware of your surroundings. It takes a lot of effort, time and hard work like all sports but in a more simple way. After a bunch of practice, I doubt you’d fail to be a pro in golf! My, how I wish I can go there. They even have special holiday for golf, which is the Golfreisen.

Of course, not only do they have golf lessons to help you learn but also there is a Golfshop around their place. This way, it will be not a hard thing to look for materials for playing.

They also have a 4 star hotel in Gut Ising, where you can go during your stay at Chiemsee, Bavaria Germany. And did you know that, Chiemsee is the biggest lake in Germany? Meaning to say, you won’t only enjoy playing golf but also the ambiance, the view of the sceneries.

In the end not only will you learn a new sport, but also gain new friends and learn a new way to spend your time instead of wasting it in front of the television. And if you want, tag along or invite your friends with you!