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Blog trouble. Ugh.

I decided to post here for the sake of blogging. Kidding. I wanted to blog in one of my other blogs, but I couldn't access them because of some ISP problem. I don't know why, but even though I've used OpenDNS, restarted and restarted and repaired my internet connection I still do not see my blogs - Loving Pink, The Fiery Angel, Fiery, 143angel. Along with that, I can't see some of my friends' blogs either, I'd have t o use proxy. It made me more lazy to blog. Yet I am coding my new layout for Loving Pink right now, but I wanted to post something because I have to post something (I don't know if that made sense?)

Tomorrow is our enrollment, and I don't really like it. Not that I don't want to go to school, but I wish they've chosen a better day. Not right now, it's not even payday today, yesterday and today. I worry not only for myself that I can't pay my tuition but for Christian too. His family is in debt, his mom not texting (she's in the province). He still even haven't paid for his tuition last semester because he was out of money as well. And of course, everyone faced Ondoy. Everyone lost money. I know I'm not the only one having this problem...I just want to speak out. I hope something good, a miracle would happen tomorrow. But I don't know if that's possible...maybe.

I hope everything will be okay soon :(
I have money in my Paypal, I just can't withdraw it. LOL.
As if my school accepts Paypal, my school lives in 19th century.