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Shoes and school

Back to school! After the long rainstorm that some of the Filipinos faced, we have to face school days again. But what can make our school days better? New shoes!I lost one pair of rubber shoes which I badly needed for our Physical Health class, so now, I’ve got to save money to buy new ones or maybe ask my dad and mom.

I wish we had something the same with Timberland Schuhe. They’ve got really good shoes like Markenschuhe and Converse. Their company is also great because it’s globally known, and nothing beats a good pair of unique designed shoes right?

Plus for schools like where I go to, good shoes are a must. My school is pretty strict with shoes to wear. They won’t allow you to enter the campus if you wear slippers or sandals. Timberland gives you the choice over a number of cool shoes to choose from. They’ve got in variety of colors as well! Their website is even great for never failing details customers needs, and what’s more your friends may find it a great gift to have.

And of all reasons of reasons why schools are important is because our shoes are to protect our feet from harm and a bunch of bacteria. It’s also bad if we use shoes that soaked in water, so in those cases you should either wash your shoes or get a new one which is with a better quality.

If you were to ask me, shoes are really helpful and lastly they are the finishing touch to your attire for the day. Just think of it, without shoes we’d walk barefooted and step on the dirty ground where germs and all sorts of bacteria dwell. A cute pair of shoes from Timberland won’t fail to make you stand out too, so I suggest their website! They’ve got great offers for you.