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I talked about web hosting, then I talked about domains. And now, I will talk about domains again! I recently stumbled to Yahoo! Domains. You know what's cool here? Domain for a year costs $1.99! Awesome right?

Yahoo Domains!

Well anyway, in picking a domain, you must always remember to choose a good one. Remember, once you buy a domain, you make it the best because domains are actually important in some way. They serve as your website or blogs' addresses And remember to be sensitive because there are domains that doesn't sound so good that nobody visits. In other cases, some domains are hard to buy which is the sad part because most of the times these domains are only parked domains. Parked domains, meaning they're just using it for ads revenue! It's quite sad for those who badly wants domains!

Good news, is their are helpful websites such as Yahoo! not only providing domains but also some tools. Pretty much the same with Google. I'm glad these two exists because they're really handy!

So, I hope my little info about yahoo domains helped you think over about domains! Until next time folks.