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Bike! Bike! Bike!

Ever since I was little, riding a bike and owning a bike was one of my biggest dreams. Of course, I was very young that time. My mom even bought me little plastic tool kits and since I was an only child, my only game was fixing the bike with those. There was even a time my mom thought I was missing then they end up finding me at our garage trying to “fix” my little bike. But I grew up, so yeah, I had to go bye-bye to my tool kit and my dear bike. After that, my mom never bought me another back eve. I’m still hoping though. So instead of hoping endlessly for that, I made use of the internet and found Bike Games online instead. I guess that can ease up a bit my hopes of playing bike someday? The good things is they’re free online Bike Games. No sweat, no price to pay! I’d love to try out Mountain Bike Games.

I guess times fly so fast, I wish I can own a bike still, someday!
Credits: Google Image Search