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For dad!

Dad might need this!December is coming so close I barely notice the time. Yep, we all know December means gifts and stuff. As for my Christmas, I wanted to give my parents, friends and family gifts they’d find useful and great. How about you?

After hearing dad’s plan to renovate our house and add up a floor and build my room. I was very thrilled; of course it’s my first time to have a room of my own. I’d love to design my room with plenty of my favorite things to make it show my personality even more and I’ll personalize it! But enough about that, the thing is I want to check out bib overalls for my dad. Luckily for that I found overalls where I can find stuff dad would like where I even found work boots that’d be handy on rainy days such as that last week that we faced. I haven’t thought of what to give mom and my cousins.

But I’m glad everything can be found online now, I’ll work very hard to save enough money for everyone and so I hope that will like what I’ll buy him from these overalls I found online, that are sold for a really good price not to mention their good quality.

How about you? I’m still counting the days to save, and even before Christmas is my hubby’s birthday. Oh my. Anyway, God bless everyone!